Corporate Wellness

Corporate Wellness

Benefits of a Workplace Wellness Program

We believe that the key to a strong company is having strong, healthy employees, and that encouraging a preventative approach to health and wellness is one of the most innovative and effective ways employers can boost employee morale, productivity, employee retention and overall profit. Taking advantage of programs offered not only will help you succeed more during work hours, it will give you more energy and patience for your home and personal life as well.

Companies who approach corporate wellness as an investment rather than a cost realize greater success and lower failure costs in obtaining returns on such programs. The results:

  • Increased productivity, energy and creativity.
  • Increase in employees mental focus, clarity, endurance and attention to detail.
  • Increase in employees production and job execution.
  • Improved company moral.
  • Significant reduction in absenteeism from injuries and illness.
  • Measurable reduction in insurance claims and premiums.
  • Reduction in employee turnovers.
  • Increase in staff retention, longevity and company satisfaction.
  • Increase in employees overall quality of life, through the proven benefits gained physically, psychologically and emotionally through health and fitness.
  • Retained vision, teamwork and cohesiveness of employees.
  • Increased potential for recruitment.

Start Today!

If your company does not have an employee wellness program already set up, you may be in the position to lead the way. We’ll help you design a program to maximize participation and then help you market it too. This could be the big idea that gets you that big promotion!

For more information about joining our Corporate Wellness Program please contact our Membership Director Ryan Grant at 410-266-3366.

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